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Garden Maintenance Services

We provide a large range of garden maintenance services to a wide range of clients and work in the areas of Residential, Body Corporate, Commercial, Parkland and Estate Management.

We are a full-service garden maintenance company in Sydney’s North Shore and Northern Beach area. We have a highly qualified staff to manage all your gardening needs, that primarily include, landscaping, turf laying, building retaining walls, and laying of paving blocks in your garden.

We can provide you with a regular maintenance package as well as specific individual jobs to keep your garden in pristine condition.

We have deep knowledge and understanding of native plants and characteristics of local soil and climate.

We always strive to realise our client’s vision for their gardens and vistas – with highest care and attention to detail. We only use and recommend only the quality products like soils, turf, paving blocks and retaining wall material. We take great pride in being industry leader and setting the highest gardening standards in Sydney’s North Shore.

  • Garden Clean Ups
  • Pruning and Weeding
  • Installation and Repair of Irrigation Services
  • Pest and Disease Control
  • Soil Conditioning and Mulching
  • Planting Advice and Sourcing

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